Making sleep more sustainable

Do you know who you sleep with at night? Nine out of ten people don’t know how and where their bedding’s made.

At Qoali, we believe you make the bed you sleep in. So we make our bedding with materials that make tomorrow better, so you can sleep better tonight.

To make sleep more sustainable, we always strive to be pioneers while also working towards 100% sustainable materials and methods. This means we experiment, research, and perfect our process using unconventional methods and materials that have less impact on people and the planet, such as organic cotton. 

While all of this happening, we’re also actively working to transform a historically unjust and unclean industry from within for better. So sleep more, rest assured that we’ll never rest doing our part for a more sustainable sleep.

For fairly more sleep

Throwing around phrases like “controlling the entire supply chain” or “Fairtrade verification and certification” could possibly put you to sleep, but the weight behind these words are essential to our ethical practices. So to ensure ethical and equitable conditions, we follow Fairtrade International’s strict—but fair—criteria, basically the gold-standard of the industry. 

Our latest collection, Esther, is made from organic cotton produced by small-scale growers in India. By following Fairtrade's criteria, we ensure the highest product quality, fair wages, and good working conditions. By 2020, we expect 100% of our blankets to be Fairtrade-certified.

To get into the nitty gritty about cleaning up a very gritty industry, Fairtrade International is the global organisation that develops criteria and acts as a support for growers and employees in countries with widespread poverty. Certification and verification of Fairtrade's criteria by producer organisations, exporters, and importers is performed by Flocert, an independent international certification body with ISO 17065 accreditation.

Want to learn more about how Fairtrade and its criteria make for a more fair sleep? Click here!

Indulging in a more sustainable sleep

Slipping into a deep sleep should feel organic, so we use the smoothest-organic mulberry silk and the finest organic cotton—grown without chemical pesticides, no artificial fertilisers, and zero GMO crops. And we don’t sleep on any of the details, creating a weighted blanket that feels better for your body, soul, and spirit. Proof that truly sustainable luxury can exist when you have a head for smart sourcing and a thoughtful, head-for-bed design.