How it works

For the heavy bedheads

The Qoali blanket is based on Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS), which is a form of therapy with physical and psychological benefits.

One can say that a very light touch on the body warns the nervous system, while deep pressure is relaxing and soothing. 

In the body, we have an autonomous nervous system that controls the conditions inside our body. This system consists of two parts.

The first part is called the sympathetic nervous system, which is activated when we are exposed to mental or physical stress. Here, the heart starts beating faster and this is where the stress hormone, cortisol, is released.

The second part is called the parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate, relaxes muscles, and improves blood circulation. Here, the body produces the happy hormone, serotonin, and sleep hormone, melatonin, giving off a feeling of calm in the body.

When the weight of the Qoali blanket is applied to the body, the body switches from its sympathetic nervous system to its parasympathetic nervous system.

The body is then stimulated to produce serotonin, lifting your mood, which naturally turns into melatonin—enabling your body to rest. This can be compared to getting a massage, which provides both physical and psychological benefits.

All-in-all, heavy and heady stuff so your head can get a heavy sleep.

Weighing your choices for the right weight?

We at Qoali don’t believe in blanket statements, meaning one blanket doesn’t have everybody covered. Our blankets are based in science, but choosing the right weight isn’t. It’s just one of those things that only you will know. Simply said: Different weights, different ways all of us sleep. 

That’s why we don’t talk numbers or percentages. We think that—just like Goldilocks—it’s all about finding the weighted blanket that’s just right, so you can sleep more tight. If you’re in doubt, punch above your weight with a heavier one. And if you have any questions, just ask us!

6 kg – Just light

Sleep nice and light with 6 kg. The lightest of the heavyweights, this is for those who desire a delightfully deep sleep. Perfect for all ages or if you just want to ease into your sheet nice and easy. 

8 kg – Just right

Sleep perfectly right with 8 kg. What if Goldilocks got a nice, big ol’ bear hug? 8 kg would be it. Our most popular blanket, this is perfect for short or long hibernations.

11 kg – Just tight

Sleep tight with 11 kg. The heaviest blanket for heavier sleeping. 11 kg will give you steady, calming pressure—making you more relaxed than ever. This is perfect if you’ve ever felt the weight of a weighted blanket before.