Our weighted blanket is 20 x 150 cm and is available in 6 kg, 8 kg, and 11 kg weights.

Maybe, but it kinda defeats the purpose.

One should be vigilant with smaller children, who haven’t fully developed their lungs. As a rule of lungs, the child should be able to take off the blanket themselves and be able to tell if they don’t want the blanket on them.

We do not recommend use for children under two years, or sleeping with children under two years using our blankets. Also, children over two years should have the lightest weight with adult supervision. Children and adults with lung disease should not use our weighted blanket (using our website and content is okay, though).

We do not recommend use with animals, as they can get trapped.

If unsure, just ask us! But we also recommend consulting your doctor for a safe recommendation.

Short answer, yes, but it's not something we recommend. It varies from person to person, and medical background should be considered. If unsure, we recommend you start by testing it for 10-15 minutes during the day on a chair, sofa, or lying in bed. Then gradually increase intervals by 30 minute increments until it feels good.

Yes, the process is the same whether you use your own or a Qoali cover. The covers we have in the shop are custom-made for the Qoali blanket, i.e. has several tie straps that you attach to the weight cover to keep it in place.

We haven’t slept on any of the details! No matter which model you choose, our blankets breathe optimally. However, the weight on the body can give the experience of a warmer sensation in the body. It can be compared to a massage, but it depends on you how it feels. If you’re more sensitive to heat, then we recommend either the Esther or Sven Collections, made with mulberry silk—the most breathable material on the planet.

We’re only online at the moment, but we’re considering options for physical locations.

Yes, all of our products are CE certified. However, we want to be transparent and tell that such labeling has nothing to do with our quality. So we dream higher—setting far higher requirements and conditions throughout the supply chain so you can get the world-class sleep you deserve with the highest Qoali-ty product.