Our story

Tucked in? Good. Because now, it’s storytime...

Once upon a time in a dark land, far up north. The cold winds of bland blew back and forth.

The people of this land, awake they did lay. Staring at their screens, night and day.

Soulcycle was soul crushing and defeating. Working out, well, it bears no repeating for the people’s wellbeing.

Dying to live, they consumed diets of coffee, kombucha, and kale. But life for the people felt all too boring and stale.

Messaging each other aggressive and anxious, “What else can we do?” “For we all are of the feeling, of feeling the emoji poo.”

Tired of being tired too, this feeling did also weigh, On the shoulders of three restless souls knowing, That there must be another way…

Okayyy enough of that page-flippin’ fairytale, and now, for some real pillow talk. 
We spend 1/3 of our lives under covers, so we believe it’s about time everyone knew their sheet. And we know it, because we at Qoali breathe, eat, and sleep—uh—sleep.

Look, we’re not sleeping on the job, here. Sleep is *our* job. In fact, it’s more than that. It’s a wake-up call for us all to have more sleep, no matter if they’re better naps or nights in bed. Because better sleep equals a happier and healthier you. It’s not something we just dreamed up, it’s science! 

And the science says that sleeping with Qoali blankets, serotonin and melatonin go in the brain while cortisol exits—enabling you to stress less and live more, because hey, you sleep more.

With all that being said, we also believe in being kind to the planet. Sure, every brand says that. But we believe it. Call us crazy (you can’t, because hey, you read our science-y part, right?), but we want to wake up tomorrow to a planet that’s better than it was yesterday. Simply said, sustainable sleep is only made possible with sustainable practices for the planet.

What, you’re still not asleep? Well, if you’re still here and would like to read more about sleep, go check out the Qoali blog.

From all of us at Qoali,
Sleep more tight and more sweet dreams…